Where to stay in Kerio Valley

The festive season is here with us again! After spending the better part of the year in the hustle and bustle of big cities, traffic jams, name them, I bet you, your family, friends or colleagues deserve a well-earned break away from the routine to relax and unwind. A road trip to the serene nature and tranquil of Kerio Valley would be your perfect choice. Or perhaps you have an assignment to undertake in Kerio Valley and got no idea where to stay in Kerio Valley? Well, here are some of the places where you can stay while in Kerio Valley. The list is not in any order of merit.


1. Sego Safari Lodge

Sego Safari Lodge

Source: Courtesy of Sego Safari Lodge

Located in the Heart of Kerio Valley off the Iten Kabarnet Road about 37 Kilometres from Iten and 20 Kilometres from Kabarnet town, Sego Safari Lodge offers affordable accommodation, swimming pool, camping grounds and playground for children among other array of services. When you want to have a view of that golden sunrise from the comfort of your room, look no further than Sego Safari Lodge. Here you are treated to by the lush Kerio Valley scenery and amazing views of Elgeyo Escarpment and Tugen Hills. Other places you can visit while at Sego Safari Lodge is Chebloch Gorge at Kerio River and see the and Kerio Valley National Park and the elephants at Rimoi Game Reserve.

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2. Cheptebo Rural Development Centre


Source: courtesy of Cheptebo.org


The Cheptebo Centre is located in the heart of the beautiful southern Kerio Valley about 33 Km from Iten town and 20 Km from Kabarnet town. When you want a church based seminar or conference and accommodation then Cheptebo Rural Development Centre would be a perfect destination since it is a church based organization.

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3. Lelin Overland Campsite


Source: courtesy of Zoover


Located about 8 Kilometres from Iten, along Iten – Kabarnet road, Lelin Overland Campsite offers accommodation and camping facilities with guided nature walks. During the day, enjoy the nature walk, along Elgeyo escarpment and enjoy watching paragliders making their lazy circles in the sky like eagles.

Find out more information about Lelin Overland Campsite


4. Keellu Resort Centre


Source: courtesy of Keellu Resort


Located along Iten – Eldoret road, Keellu Resort Centre (KRC) is an ultra-modern facility that offers exclusive accommodation, conferencing, leisure and restaurant services. In the secure and serene environment, relax at the executively furnished guest rooms as you catch up with your favorite club on DSTV connected Television sets and access to a wireless network. If what you want is excellent culinary cuisine that has a nice blend of European, Asian and African touches, Keellu Resort Centre is the place to be.
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5. Kerio View Restaurant


Source: courtesy of afar.com


Kerio View is located on the edge of the Elgeyo escarpment about 2 Kilometres from Iten. Kerio View Restaurant offers an array of services ranging from self-contained cottages accommodation, various dining options, outdoor “Nyama Choma” to excellent conference facilities. When you want to have first account of paragliders taking-off and enjoy the panoramic view of Kerio Valley including Lake Kamnarok, Tugen hills to Cherangani hills, Then Kerio View Restaurant is the place to be.

Find out more information about Kerio View Restaurant
6. Tooguesthouse – Iten


Source: courtesy of bieganie.pl


Tooguesthouse-Iten is at the heart of Iten town. Here the focus is mainly to offer affordable services to small athletic teams. These include affordable accommodation, a variety of dining options and leisure activities such as facilitating trips to exciting tourism destinations within the Great Rift Valley. When you want to meet and socialize with athletes, tooguesthouse-iten is the place to be.
Find out more information about Tooguesthouse – Iten

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