Sauti sol Kerio Valley KEY Libraries Tour


Sauti Sol Band

So just I browsing Videos about Kerio Valley on YouTube, I came across this interesting clip about Sauti Sol KEY Library tour to Kerio valley.

This was posted about 3 weeks ago.The band is running an iniative dubbed Soma Soma initative.

While other Kenyan artistes are busy “kujiangalia kwa kio” ,Sauti sol band are busy reaching out to empowering youth in Kerio valley encouraring them to study well to become responsible citizens.

While some “Shosholites” are busy flaunting their “goodies” and posting semi-nude photos of themselves on social media, Sauti Sol band are tucked in the remote areas of Kerio Valley like Flourspar Primary school inspiring pupils to read despite all odds.

While some artistes are spending
fortunes in extremely expensive wigs/weaves , Sauti Sol band are busy in Kerio Valley giving back to the society initiating library projects.

Check out the video below

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