Keiyo Traditional Initiation Ceremony


Initiates in Keiyo

You know it is December in Keiyo when at you see that pillar of smoking billowing out from the bush yet none is alarmed. Don’t mistake it for a terror attack like Westgate siege.

You know it is December in Keiyo when at night there’s chill in the air as you hear those “Halloween” songs sang in the bush. You know the son(s) of so and so are held hostage in bush when you see that sprig of climbing plant – Sinendet tugged on the roof above the doorway of his parents’ house.

It is late November. Millet and maize harvest are in plenty in Keiyo. Lelgina, Chesitien and Chemaluk are lactating , so milk for feeding initiates are in plenty too. His parents or guardians perhaps have sleepless nights and strenuous days as they ensure everthing is in place for the Keiyo traditional initiation ceremony – Tumdop Kipkaa.

The countdown to D-day begins, and most probably the teen boys on board to undergo the traditional initiation ceremony has his heart in his mouth unbeknownst to him of what rituals he shall have to undergo.

Before the day finally comes by, I wish he braces up for the hard times to come. I wish they know that this is not for the faint-hearted. Let them throw a farewell  party with fellow candidates, let him eat well, dance Gangnam style or whatever style he likes. Let him hug goodbye his girlfriend until further notice. 

…to be continued

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