Kerio valley in the Elgeiyo/Marakwet County could probably soon shortlisted in the Wonders of the World Records. The magically laid fault steps, steep escarpment facing and valley extensively covered with acacia vegetation paints a magnificent land on the Kenya Rift Valley. Courtesy of geographic surveys, Kerio Valley is a semi-arid region experiencing a moderate windy atmosphere with temperatures ranging from 25 to 37 degrees Celsius with 5% cloud cover.

Kerio Valley View From Iten Town
Let us take a simple profile from Iten town in the western part of scarp through centres as follows: Kessup, Tambach, Kolol, Biretwo, Chepsigot, Cheptebo, Chebloch, and Kiboino Ainamoi to Kabarnet town in the eastern rift.


Barely a mile away from Iten town downhill is the Iten View Point. This is the highest altitude closest to escarpment where you can have a view of the marvelous nature of Kerio Valley. Even as the tarmac road meanders downhill, you will probably have a perfect view of spectacular natural landmarks including the valley, Lake Kamnarok, Kerio River, Tugen Hills and Cherangani Hills.


On the cliff side near Tambach, there towers a mythical Kipkoikoi Rock, a fairly cylindrical tip-pointed rock with a tabular platform at the foot. Our forefathers quips that Kipkoikoi Rock was a Holy Shrine of Keiyo people.

Kipkoikoi Rock Near Tambach
This is where they used to offer sacrifices to Supreme Being locally known as Asis. They would pour some milk or lay some green grass on the tabular rock beside Kipkoikoi and have their sins forgiven and fortune go their way. It is also bluntly believed that none would dare climb up to top of such rock, or else it befalls on him or her.


About 15 miles away from Iten town downhill, you’ll never hesitate to stop at Kolol Viewpoint. The tarmac road curves at a fairly level platform that provides an open view of fascinating Torok waterfall on escarpment on the South West direction and diminishing Lake Kamnarok.

Tambach High School View Near Kolol Viewpoint

Just ahead, lays a ‘snake-like’ tarmac road meandering down to Chebloch Gorge on Kerio River before leading to Kabarnet town.


Did you know that the Kerio River is an outline administrative boundary for Elgeiyo-Marakwet and Baringo Counties? Well, Kerio River occupies the lowest level in Kerio Valley and hosts deadly Crocodiles. How Kerio River formed is extraordinary and mythical. Tugen and Keiyo communities have grounds to believe that long time ago, the two had undying boundary conflict and so a god locally known as Ilat became angry with the ongoing wrangles and stricken hard on the ground to demarcate Keiyo land from Tugen land hence end the dispute.


When you proceed due east from Chebloch Gorge, you wont’ miss to find View Point barely 5 miles before arriving at Kabarnet Town.

View Poiny Near Kabarnet

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