52 Km trek down to Kerio River

The long awaited day and the much
anticipated 52 km annual trek down
to Kerio river had finaly came. It was in the wake of 10th October 2008 when all fourth form students of Tambach High School converged at the school gate set to have the rare outing cum picnic.

By 6 O’clock in the morning that day, fellow ‘masters’ and I were appropriately dressed up. I was in a pair of short trouser(we fondly referred to as Magotioxide)usually worn by junior classes, red T-shirt and Kiboko Yao canvas shoes. Other students followed suit too.

Once all students had arrived, Bartoo our then games teacher had a few pieces of cautions against errant ‘masters’ and warned against boarding a vehicle. Soon Simoo our
then school headboy and C.U chairman chanted a word of prayer and Bartoo flagged of our adventurous 52 km walk.

With excitement steaming up our juvenile minds, the walk down the meandering Iten-Kabarnet road at
first was at a fast pace with Bartoo
on the front line to capture scenic photos of Keriovalley and those of our walk, but did not last long as we got exhausted so soon.

In an hour’s time, we had arrived at Kolol View for short stop-over. At Kolol viewpoint, all of us had a spectacular view of Torok Falls (
SW direction), Tugen hills in the East , Kerio Valley floor and the steep Elgeiyo escarpment in the western direction. Amazingly, we could watch three tourists paragliding above Cheptongei village along Elgeiyo escarpment.

With roaring thirst and hunger,scramble for water melons,pawpaws,bananas,mangoes,sodas and other fruits was uncontainable as we walked down the valley. Market stalls,hotels and shopping centres in Water Supply, Chepsigot, Biretwo, Cheptebo all drained out of stock of foodstuffs as we purchased despite being sold at exhorbitant prices.

It was around 11:30 am when I finally arrived at the banks of Kerio river. For a short while, we observed deadly crocodiles in Chebloch gorge trying to seize their prey. After identifying a suitable pool of water without crocodiles, soon changed to swimming costume and without much delay plunged into ice-cold river Kerio water.

Everyone applied and perhaps tried his own style of swimming but what most of us were swimming against currents,little did we know that would cause such painstaking experience in body joints later on.

At around 1pm our teaching staff – Cathode, Chong’aa, Kuku Dash Dash, Makende Kubwa,Old Gobbo and Jembe(pardon me i didn’t know their official names all I was made to know them by their nicknames) who had accompanied us arrived. By 2pm we gathered and were served 300ml soda, a half-loaf of bread and an egg.

The return walk up the steep hill began … Indeed, it was a remarkable adventurous 26km walk to and fro Kerio river,a total of 52km walk by foot.

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5 comments on “52 Km trek down to Kerio River
  1. Billy kipyegon Rotich says:

    kindly send me the photos

  2. MURGONG ALLAN says:

    nyc records

  3. maiyo says:

    That was wonderful experience.kindly send photos

  4. ViolaNgetich says:

    Thanks alot for sharing the information with us,kindly contact me next time when you take more adventure. Am interested in anything partaining tourism and conservation. May God bless YOU.


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